Call Center Workers United

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The Communications Workers of America filed a new complaint against Maximus in February with the U.S. Department of Labor.

We help Americans navigate complicated insurance markets to get the healthcare they need, but many of us struggle to pay our own medical bills.

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Did you receive word that our healthcare costs are going up at Maximus next year?

Maximus framed these changes to our healthcare plan as beneficial to us, but the bottom line is that our deductibles will rise by $500, our urgent care copays will double, and our annual out-of-pocket maximums will increase by $1,000! For those of us with additional medical care needs due to serious illness, we no longer have the choice to purchase extended coverage. Our emergency room visit costs will go up from $150 to $500 if we’re lucky enough to not be admitted.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and Governor Jay Inslee, declared their support for MAXIMUS workers!

Former GDIT call center representatives have reached a settlement with the company to resolve their allegations that the company failed to pay proper overtime wages. GDIT sold its federal call center business to MAXIMUS, in November 2018.

The proposed settlement, if approved by a judge, will result in the 182 former GDIT employees who joined the lawsuit splitting $80,000 in back wages. 

At Maximus, we will continue to stand together for a union, fair pay, and better benefits! Introducing: Call Center Workers United!