Call center workers who help Americans enroll in affordable health plans do not have access to quality, affordable healthcare of their own.

Many Maximus call center workers got word from the company that their area wage determination rates have increased. Just remember, this wage increase didn't happen by accident, we won because we fought.
A new report by the National Employment Project adds fuel to call center worker demands for immediate wage increases.
We filed wage theft complaints for GDIT call centers in Kentucky, Florida, and Arizona after more than 2,000 GDIT workers came forward about underpayment at GDIT.
Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Jeff Merkley wrote a letter to GDIT calling on the company to address the systemic wage theft that we believe is occurring at its call centers.
We are calling on the Department of Labor to investigate systemic and serious wage theft by GDIT.
The New York Times published an article about our call for an investigation into systematic wage theft by GDIT.

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